New Beauty

New Beauty

F I N A N C I A L  P O L I C Y

Please be advised we are a fee for service practice.
Please be advised that payment is expected at the time of treatment and service.
We accept AE/ MC/ VISA.
We have external financing processing through CareCredit and Chase.  Existing CareCredit and Chase Dental Credit Card holders may use these credit cards.

D E N T A L  I N S U R A N C E

As a fee for service practice we are able to provide our patients with unlimited options of dental treatments. Full payment is expected at the time of treatment and you will receive a claim for the services rendered, which you should forward to your insurance company for reimbursement according to your policy.  Those policies which are PPO or which allow the policy holder to choose any dental practitioner are accepted in our office.  Please be advised that dental insurance may cover only a portion of your dental treatment according to a plan negotiated by you and your employer. We make every attempt to support your reimbursement process so please let us know if you have not heard from your insurance company within 3 weeks after you have submitted your claim. At the time of treatment we generate a claim with supporting documents which you can submit to your insurance plan for reimbursement according to your policy.


We value our time with our patients.  We make every attempt to ensure 100% focus on our patients, and your appointment time is reserved for you.  Please know there is a < than 48 hours cancellation fee of $150. 


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